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Chitrakot Waterfall is a delightful waterfall arranged on the stream Indravati in Bastar locale of Chhattisgarh province of India. The stature of this waterfall is 90 feet. The claim to fame of this waterfall is that during the stormy days, this water is rosy, it looks totally white throughout the late spring moonlight night. TheContinue reading “CHITRAKOT WATERFALL”


Wilson hills is a popular hill station in Gujarat, near Surat. It is situated 750m above the ocean level. You can get a glimpse of the sea. Pangarbari wildlife sanctuary is nearest to these hills and is a home to various flora and fauna. It’s such a beautiful place that one can be lost inContinue reading “WILSON HILLS”


This is a place that you must add to your travel to-do list. You can enjoy the beauty of the hills, the mist, the streams, the waterfalls, etc. which is located in Kerala. Munnar is easily accessible from Kochi and Coimbatore and it is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. In South Western GhatsContinue reading “MUNNAR”

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